Name Ryo Akoh(赤廣 亮 あこう りょう)
Birthplace Nagano prefecture
Year of birth 1976
Graduating school Shinshu University Faculty of Education
Owned car licenses
For Private Ordinary car, Large car, Large special car, Towing car
For Professionals Ordinary car, Large car, Large special car
Qualifications Operation manager (For Passenger), Patient transport crew, Safety manager, UD (universal driver) training instructor, Matsumoto city official approval master class, Former home helper 2nd class, First aid class, Japanese Red Cross first aid staff, Elementary school teacher license , Junior high shool teacher license (music), High school teacher license (music), Japanese calligraphy 4th dan, Japanese English test level 2, Dangerous goods handling supervisor, Amateur radio operator, Forklift license, Boy Scout Fuji chapter
Singing, voice, chorus, piano, guitar, ukulele, trumpet, shakuhachi, chorus instruction, wind-orchestra instruction

Skiing, snowboarding, dog walking

[Language learning]
English, Korean, Chinese (Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese), German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Tagalog, Indonesian, Sign Language, Braille

Reading maps, visiting shrines and temples, Domestic / overseas travel, travel by car (Former 121 cities, towns and villages in Nagano, 47 prefectures, Canada conquest)


What I'm careful to drive this taxi