Corporate Philosophy

(Basic corporate concept)

Nagano Luxury Taxi pursues the joy of customers and operates attractive services.

Management Philosophy

(Values for Embodying the Corporate Philosophy)

As an individual taxi operator, Nagano Luxury Taxi conveys the charm of Nagano to people all over the world by operating creatively and with high quality, and strives to become a world resort "Nagano " while revitalizing the local community.

Code of conduct

(preparation for thorough management philosophy)

Nagano Luxury Taxi protects "5C's ".
①Customer Satisfaction
We aim to provide services that satisfy customers.
・ Improvement of driving skills
・ Improvement of conversational skills in various languages
Aiming to respond with compassion.
・ Improved support for all people
(persons with disabilities, elderly people, foreigners, etc.)
・ Providing services that stay ahead of the times
③ Challenge
Act with a spirit of challenge and aspiration.
・ Providing services that stay ahead of the times
・ Acquisition of various qualifications and acquisition of knowledge and technology
Operates with responsibility and pride.
・ Example driving and operation of other vehicles
・ Safety-conscious driving
⑤ Captivation
We will strive to provide attractive services.
・ Has a spirit of "Be prepared " and responds to various customer requests.
・ Providing various attractions as a service industry, not just a taxi as a means of transportation.