Why don't you ride on
Nagano Luxury Taxi?
The most comfortable taxi in Japan.
You can sleep on the way to Hakuba.
You ride on it,
you will arrive in Hakuba when you wake up.

Narita airport - Matsumoto - Hakuba
   121,920 JPY+ 23,000 JPY
          =144,920 JPY
          5 hours

Haneda airport - Matsumoto - Hakuba
   98,890 JPY+ 23,000 JPY
          =121,890 JPY
          4.5 hours

Nagoya Centrair airpot - Matsumoto - Hakuba
   103,660 JPY + 23,000 JPY
          =126,660 JPY
          4.5 hours

Kansai international airport - Matsumoto - Hakuba
   175,940 JPY + 23,000 JPY
          =198,940 JPY
          6.5 hours

Tokyo - Matsumoto - Hakuba
   95,290 JPY + 23,000 JPY
          =118,290 JPY
          4 hours

Nagoya - Matsumoto - Hakuba
   90,880 JPY + 23,000 JPY
          =113,880 JPY
          4 hours

Osaka - Matsumoto - Hakuba
   155,940 JPY + 23,000 JPY
          =178,940 JPY
          6 hours

The price are including tax, toll and so on.
If you want to know prices of other places,
please ask us from here.
Times are without rest times.
If you want,
we'll have a rest time in Matsumoto or other places.
Please tell the driver.

Our taxis are for 5 people or less.
For larger groups,
we will prepare 2-3 same taxis.

The driver will pick you up
at the arrival gate at your airport
or the ticket gate at your station,
holding up your name.

Eye masks,
Ear clips,
are provided.
This service is exclusive to Nagano Luxury Taxi.

The opposite process is also possible.
It's same price.

If your group bring many and large luggage,
don't worry about that.
Our taxi takes a trailer for luggage.
The space on the taxi is keeping wide and comfortable.
It doesn't get be narrow.
It's free.
There are no taxis like this in Japan.
But since there is only one,
there are times when you can not use it
when you use it elsewhere.