Safety Ensuring

Nagano Luxury Taxi takes the following safety measures to ensure transportation safety.

1. Basic Policy on Transport Safety
(1) Nagano Luxury Taxi is deeply aware that ensuring transport safety is the core of business management.
2020 basic safety policy
① "Safety" has priority over everything.
②Complete the mission of the passenger transportation business by complying with transportation laws and regulations.

(2) We will constantly strive to improve the safety of transportation by constantly reviewing safety measures. Also, we will proactively announce information regarding transportation safety.

(3) Specific measures to ensure safety
① Operation after certain daily inspections
② Three months inspection and annual vehicle inspections
③ Health checkup once a year
④ Sufficient sleep for seven and a half hours a day Securing
(improving sleep quality by bathing in hot water at 40 ° C for 15 minutes 3 hours before bedtime)
⑤ Ensuring proper exercise time every day
⑥ Basic and reliable safe driving
・ Confirmation of safety on the ground:
・When I turn left or right, 30m before the front, 3 seconds before the turn-blinking of the blinker is performed-Visual confirmation
・Check for pedestrians at the pedestrian crossing-Stop-
・Back hazard lamp flash Implementation of operation
・Implementation of accident defense operation by handing over

2. Goals related to transport safety and the status of achievement of those goals We will set the following goals regarding transport safety in 2020 and work on them.
・ No accidents
・ No violations

FY2019 result
・ Because it is before the foundation, there is no public result for this year

3. Statistics on accidents (number of cases based on Article 2 No. 2 of the automobile accident reporting rule):
0 serious accidents from the start of the founding